Celebrating Open Access Week: 19 – 25 October, 2015

OpenAccessWeekThis week is International Open Access Week. A global event to highlight all things open access.

Open Access (OA) is a publishing model in which peer-reviewed scholarly articles are made freely available on the internet without restrictions on subsequent use except that the work is properly attributed to the author and the author’s control over the integrity of their work is preserved. It was developed with the intention of giving research outputs the widest possible audience, and is enshrined in the Budapest Open Access Initiative.

Find out more about OA publications at Oxford on the Open Access Oxford web site.

The University  also makes many thousands of resources available under open licences for reuse in teaching, learning and research. These include podcasts, digital images, software, and teaching materials. You can explore all our open collections and open initiatives on the Open Spires website.

You can explore the movement towards ‘Openness’ at the University of Oxford and beyond through our informational video podcast series Openness at Oxford.

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