Project Spotlight: Visualising research data in 3D with Blender

Visualising 3DVisualising Research Data in 3D with Blender is a project which aims to design pipelines which will take data resulting from research and import it into Blender, where it can be transformed into high quality images, animations and interactive applications.

Blender is a free software program with a vibrant global community. In addition to rendering images and videos, Blender includes a ‘game engine’ which can be used to create applications that render data in real time and respond to user input. These can be used to ‘walk through’ data and examine it in new ways – and to create exciting visualisations which can help to make data more comprehensible.

Unfortunately, data from the specialised tools already used in many areas of research is often not directly usable in tools like Blender. Solutions do exist, but these can be complex and time consuming. This project will develop pipelines which will allow research data to be straightforwardly imported into Blender. The aim is to create a centre of excellence in facilitating 3D data visualisation and conversion within Oxford, through the process of solving academics’ real world problems.

For more details about the project (and information about how to get involved), see the Research Support team’s website.

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