Project Spotlight: Live data project

Live dataThe Live Data Project will provide data visualisation as a service to researchers across the University – encouraging others to engage with and investigate their research data.

Data visualisation provides a mechanism through which both data and research findings may be communicated directly to both a general and technical audience, as well as providing a practical tool in collaborative projects. Visualisations can be used throughout the whole data life cycle, from initial experiment and data gathering to analysis, publication and promotion using social media.

The Live Data Project (based in the IT Services Research Support team) is an initiative to promote and study the use of these visualisations. The project team will work with researchers from all four divisions to design, build, and host interactive visualisations. Additionally, new training courses will be developed for a variety of software packages and programming languages, and there will be termly meetings for those interested in data visualisation to discuss ideas and new tools for sharing research data interactively. For further details, see the project web page.

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