Jisc visions consultation

Jisc logoJisc is a not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions which champions the importance and potential of digital technologies for education and research in the HE, FE and skills sectors. In consultation with a number of other bodies it has put forward a series of draft visions for these sectors, including:

  • an overview of where digital technology may bring about changes by 2020 and 2030
  • sketches of how these changes may benefit specific roles in 2020 and 2030
  • prompts for discussion on potential ideas to help generate such changes.

Jisc is keen to stimulate thinking more widely across the sector and capture stakeholders’ views in order to produce a set of useful visions that will benefit education and research, and shape Jisc’s own development work. To contribute your comments and help develop these visions, Jisc invites you to visit the webpage Inform the future of technology in education and research.

The Jisc team is particularly interested in finding out:

  • What they might have missed
  • Where there’s work that’s already happening
  • Which bits are exciting and which are less relevant
  • What would make the biggest difference to you
  • Anything else you think is relevant
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