Using online language datasets for research: a new course

640px-DARPA_Big_DataWe now have at our fingertips huge amounts of language data in digital form, representing unprecedented opportunities for exploring and analysing language and discourse. How we can use the evidence of language usage in digital resources to draw conclusions about language, culture and society?

A new five-week lunchtime course, Exploring Online Language Resources, will explore how we can use online language datasets to explore language, history and culture, starting on Thursday 28th January.

Drawing on techniques and methods from corpus linguistics, the course will offer guidance on finding and evaluating digital sources, hands-on exercises to explore and analyse data, and some suggestions on how to assess, use and interpret evidence from digital sources. It will be taught by Dr Ylva Berglund Prytz and Martin Wynne, both of them members of the Academic IT group and experts in the field.

Exploring Online Language Resources is open to all members of the University of Oxford and is free. It will be held in the IT Services offices at 13 Banbury Road.

You can find further information about the Exploring Online Language Resources course on the Academic IT Research Support team blog, which publishes regular news and updates on digital technologies to support the research community at the University.

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