Wikipedia: peering under the bonnet and listening with a stethoscope

This term’s Engage programme moves into its final few weeks with two more talks about Wikipedia in 6th week.

614px-Flat_Four_Jowett_Engine_from_a_Jowett_JupiterLike other Wikimedia projects, Wikipedia makes text, data and images freely available for anyone to build their own sites or tools, such as timelines, maps and family trees. In two lunchtime talks Dr Martin Poulter will open Wikipedia’s bonnet and poke around inside to reveal the novel ways in which educators, researchers and cultural institutions are making use of it.

Martin’s first talk, on Monday 22nd February, is of general interest and will take place in IT Services. He’ll talk about the open culture movement in general, explain the quality indicators on Wikipedia and related sites and introduce some of the tools based on the Wikimedia project.

My_stethoscope-150x150The second talk of the week, on Wednesday 24th February, is a more specialised look at how medical professionals and volunteers are using Wikipedia to provide evidence-based information about health and medicine to a worldwide audience. Martin will address the issue of quality in Wikipedia, workflows for sharing medical information through Wikipedia, and attempts to integrate it with scholarly publication. This talk will take place ‘up the hill’ in the George Pickering Lecture Theatre 2, John Radcliffe Hospital.

Dr Martin Poulter is the Bodleian Libraries’ Wikimedian In Residence and works with Wikimedia UK as a lead trainer.

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Wikipedia – under the bonnet
Mon 22 Feb 12.30-1.30pm
IT Services, Banbury Road
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Wikipedia as a public health intervention
Wed 24 Feb 2-3.30pm
George Pickering Lecture Theatre 2, John Radcliffe Hospital
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Top image CC BY 2.0 Tony Hisgett via Wikimedia Commons
Bottom image CC0 (public domain) Darnyi Zsóka via Wikimedia Commons

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