Engage with crowdsourcing and blogging – two forums in March

This year’s Engage programme gallops into the home straight with two half-day events featuring panel presentations and discussions on two very popular topics: crowdsourcing and academic blogging. Both events feature expert speakers from around the University, so book now to secure your place!

Crowdsourcing for impact: Friday 4th March, 2-4pm

crowdCrowdsourcing is an increasingly popular concept, and crowdsourcing projects appear in many areas. On Friday 4th March we will be running a panel session around the question of how crowdsourcing can be used for outreach and public engagement. We will hear about a range of crowdsourcing projects, from small-scale initiatives by a single individual to large-scale ventures involving a team of researchers and engaging thousands of contributors. We will explore how projects have engaged with their audiences and what impact that has had. There will be time for discussion and opportunity to share thoughts and experiences.

Panel members:

Venue: IT Services, 13 Banbury Road
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Blogging and digital scholarship: Friday 11th March, 2.15-4.15pm

Blog-684748_640Blogging is now a recognised scholarly activity for sharing work in progress with one’s peers and/or engaging with the wider public. In this 2-hour forum seasoned bloggers from the University will explore the relationship between blogging and their formal academic work. How do the two complement each other? What tensions are generated? Come and discuss topics including:

  • Blogging as an individual and/or as part of a collective: eg a research group or department
  • Blogs as an alternative or supplement to peer-reviewed publications
  • Academic blogging and social commentary
  • Blogging and academic identity: the ‘public intellectual’
  • Doctoral research students and blogging

Panel members:

Venue: IT Services, 13 Banbury Road
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Image credit (bottom): CC0 Sophie Janotta, via Wikimedia Commons

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