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lyndaLogoWe are on the edge of our seats here in the IT Learning Programme, watching the number of registered users grow ever closer to the 4,000 mark. This will be quite an achievement in the five months since we launched the on-line learning platform here at Oxford. In our conversations with colleagues at, they tell us that although other universities have more users signed up, none has grown at the rate that the Oxford community has!

We are still looking at how best to analyse the statistics we get from your use of, but one key fact that has emerged is that there are three audiences: those that book on to ITLP courses, those that sign up to, and those that do both. Nearly 3,000 people booked on courses, and nearly 4,000 have signed up to, with an intersection of 630.*

And that is exactly what we hoped we would achieve – a greater reach for IT skills development!

Find out more and sign up to lynda on our website.

* mid Feb 2016

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