The Academic IT Service Portfolio: Research Support

In the second part of our series outlining Academic IT Services’ revised and extended portfolio of services, we focus on the systems and services that we provide to researchers.

Research Technology Consultation
Visualising 3DWe offer consultation and advice for researchers and postgraduate research students on the collection, analysis, management, publication and visualisation of research data. Data visualisation services include the use of statistical graphs, plots, tables, videos (see right) and charts to communicate data in printed publications and on websites. Data management services include advice on requirements for open access and assistance with the design and development of relational databases.

For further information about any of these services, visit the Specialist Advice pages of the Research Support website.

High Performance Computing (ARC)
feature_threeThe Advanced Research Computing (ARC) facility became part of Academic IT Services in 2015. ARC is a central infrastructure resource available to any Oxford University researcher who needs high performance computing (HPC).

For further information, visit the ARC website or email

Survey Design
If you’re looking to design a survey for research or for other purposes, we can offer tips on designing questions and administering them through online survey tools such as SurveyMonkey, the WebLearn Surveys tool and Bristol Online Surveys (BOS).

For further information, email

Public Engagement and Outreach
oxengageThe use of digital technologies for public engagement and outreach is now standard. Technologies include social media, blogs, podcasts, games and crowdsourcing platforms. Consultation can include social media strategies, community building, community collection, events (e.g. editathons and hackathons), open educational resources and strategies for evaluating impact.

For an overview of these services, visit the How We Can Help page of the ‘Engage’ website.

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