The Academic IT Service Portfolio: Teaching and Learning

ACIT portfolio page 1 - revised 200716We wrap up this short serialisation of the newly revised Academic IT Service Portfolio with an overview of our services in support of teaching and learning in the University. We are also pleased to announce the publication of the portfolio in print form. We will be distributing the leaflet (right) as we visit the Divisions to present the Digital Education Strategy, but it will also be available in other locations and from

Learning Technology Consultation
Consultation and advice on the application of digital technologies to enhance teaching, learning and assessment in the University. Learning technologies comprise generic and purpose-designed tools for advancing students’ knowledge, collaboration, and formative and summative assessment. They include simulation and modelling tools, quizzes, voting (polling) tools, online resources (including OER), mobile apps, discussion forums, blogs, wikis and social media. Consultation can include assistance in conducting research and evaluation with academics and students to better understand the experience and impact of technology-enhanced teaching and learning, and e-assessment.

WebLearn Course Sites
A web-based virtual learning environment (VLE) that supports teaching and learning in the University. WebLearn can be used to deliver online resources to students and includes specialised applications and tools such as lecture capture (Replay), plagiarism awareness (Turnitin), information about researcher training (Researcher Training Tool) and past exam papers (OXAM). Assistance in designing WebLearn sites is available.

Plagiarism Awareness (Turnitin)
An electronic text matching system that finds matches between the work submitted by students and existing electronic sources. Turnitin produces easy-to-read reports showing how much of a document is original, correctly cites other sources or may be unoriginal. Tutors and supervisors can work with students to interpret their Turnitin reports and promote good practice in academic writing and referencing.

Open Educational Resources (OER)
Support for creating and publishing educational content under an appropriate Creative Commons Licence for reuse in the University and elsewhere. The content can be made available through a number of channels, including digital collections, Oxford Podcasts and third-party OER repositories.

Lecture Capture (Replay)
Automated (as opposed to manual) recording of lectures and presentations, on an opt-in basis. The recordings are made available to students through the WebLearn VLE for review and revision.

Survey Design
Consultation and advice on the design of surveys for collecting feedback from students, including assistance with online survey tools: e.g. SurveyMonkey, the WebLearn Surveys tool and Bristol Online Surveys (BOS).

Public Engagement and Outreach
Consultation and advice on the use of digital technologies for public engagement and outreach activities relating to teaching and learning in schools. Technologies include social media, podcasts, games and crowdsourcing platforms. Consultation can include open educational resources (including depositing materials in the TES Resources repository) and strategies for evaluating impact.

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