New year, new inspiration: additions to Academic IT’s case study collection

Research – both in Oxford and outside – suggests that the successful experiences of colleagues can be a powerful source of inspiration for exploring the role of technology in one’s teaching. One of the ways in which Academic IT brokers this form of knowledge-sharing is through our collection of case studies. These are compiled from selected entries submitted to the annual OxTALENT competition and from other examples of the innovative use of technology in teaching, learning and outreach that we encounter around the University. The case studies have acquired a higher profile with the implementation of the Digital Education Strategy.

This year, thanks to the hard work of our former colleague Sarah Wilkin, the number of case studies in the collection has risen to over one hundred. Here are some highlights from the 2016 crop. They have been selected as examples of innovations made by academics or administrative staff with little or no technical support, using either institutionally provided systems or everyday, free digital tools. (Each link opens in a new tab.)

Teaching with Replay: Lecture capture in the History of Art Department

Replay logoAudio-visual provision is central to the department’s teaching. It’s essential that the spoken words and images used in lectures interact successfully to aid students’ understanding of visual culture. Replay now makes it easy to match the audio commentary with the corresponding PowerPoint slides and, in addition, provides more flexible learning options for disabled students.

Read the case study.

Reshaping an online course in response to students’ needs and preferences

Dept of Education - screenshot from PodcastsThe number of award-bearing courses that include online (distance) study is small, but growing. This case study describes how Dr Heath Rose from the Department of Education made extensive use of the Lessons tool in WebLearn as a means to deliver weekly themed content, with tasks, learning materials and useful links for lessons housed in one place.

Read the case study.

Online learning hub helps staff coordinate free Latin course for schools

Teaching Latin University of Oxford

Image by Emma Searle

OxLAT is an outreach programme run by the Faculty of Classics that enables students at Oxfordshire state schools to receive free tuition in Latin. To streamline the submission and marking of homework, the Faculty has created an online learning hub in WebLearn. The hub has also proved instrumental in developing students’ learning skills, through enabling the students to access information on their own initiative.

Read the case study.

Expanding scholarship and facilitating outreach through collaborative translation

Image from Medieval Texts TranslationDr Fiona Whelan made a dual contribution to research and outreach when she assembled a repertoire of freely available tools to crowdsource the translation of three medieval poems. Her home-made online platform brought together academics, students and enthusiasts, and received over 1,000 unique visitors from around the world.

Read the case study.


If you have used technology to innovate in your teaching, or you know of someone who has, could others benefit too? If so, get in touch with the Technology Enhanced Learning Team:

This year’s OxTALENT competition will be launched in Hilary Term. For announcements, make sure you follow News from Academic IT and @acitoxford.

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