Taking control of media interviews and your online presence: upcoming courses

Engaging with the public is core to main of the University’s activities, informing research, enhancing teaching and learning, and increasing our impact on society. For example, we may inform and inspire the public about our research, consult with the public to find out theur views on our research or collaborate with the public on particular projects.

Effective public engagement requires training in specific skills, and the IT Learning Centre is pleased to announce two courses in March.

Media interviews: taking control
Thursday 2 March 9:15-16:15
Cost: staff £60, students £30

This one-day practical, hands-on course is for anyone who may be in the position of giving informal interviews to the media, or who needs to interview colleagues and others when creating a podcast or video. It will introduce you to simple techniques to help you with conducting an interview and being interviewed, for print, audio and video. The course will include:

  • What makes a good or bad interview
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Working with on-screen presence
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • What to expect after the interview

You should be prepared to conduct interviews and to be interviewed as part of the activities.

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Online presence: taking control
Friday 17 March 9:15 – 12:15
Cost: staff £30, students £15

Creating an online presence can open up your research and teaching (or any interest!) to a global audience and is now essential in promoting yourself professionally to the outside world. This 3-hour workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to online presence and also gives a supported environment for you to plan, create, and add to your own projects. A number of relevant social media tools will be covered. The course will include:

  • What online presence is
  • Planning an initial strategy
  • Surveying the major outlets
  • Strategies to manage your presence
  • Phases in developing your presence
  • The challenges

The workshop section will be an opportunity for you to work on your own projects, so please bring any content including text, images, audio and video that you may wish to use.  Don’t worry if you are starting from scratch.

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