Seminar: Researching participation in teachers’ Facebook groups

Academic IT has links with the  Learning and New Technologies Research Group in the Department of Education. The group organises a programme of research seminars with invited speakers; the next one is on Thursday 20th April:

Researching participation in teachers’ Facebook groups: Sharing, suggesting, and supporting

Dr Thomas Hillman, Dr Mona Lundin, Dr Annika Lan-Andersson, Dr Louise Peterson, and Dr Annika Bergviken Rensfeldt
Learning and IT Group, Department of Education, Communication and Learning, University of Gothenburg

April 20th: 15:30-17:00
Seminar Room D, Department of Education, 15 Norham Gardens

Teachers are increasingly participating in social media to discuss their teaching and instructional issues, particularly in relation to IT. The question is what support for professional learning such discussions offer over time in forums like thematic groups on Facebook. Based a study of a corpus of three years of posts, comments and likes from a Facebook group with almost 13,000 members combined with extensive ethnographic engagement, this talk will discuss issues of methodology and research ethics, along with highlighting findings related to when and how teachers use the group as part of their professional practices.

For more information, visit the project website.

Image credit: CC0 (public domain) via Pexels

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