Creating a survey and need a little help? Contact our new advisory service

Academic IT is currently developing a new service, Survey Design & Tools, to provide advice and guidance for researchers and other University staff who need to run a survey. We can help you to decide which tool to use according not only to the type of survey and intended audience, but also to the data protection and information security implications that you’ll need to consider if collecting personal data.

If you’ve already designed your survey, we can give your questions a ‘sanity check’, to make sure that you’ve avoided common pitfalls such as asking two things at once or providing answer choices that don’t match the question.

The service is co-managed by Meriel Patrick (Research Support) and Liz Masterman (Technology Enhanced Learning). We’ll be building our web presence shortly, but in the meantime you can contact us through

We also run a termly lunchtime session entitled Survey design: Overview of tools and good practice. This gives an introduction to the tools available for running online surveys. It also features guidance on the data security implications to be considered when choosing a tool and tips for designing effective questions. The session may be of particular benefit to people who are already planning to run a survey, but it will also be of value to those with an interest in this method of data collection.

The next session will be on Friday 5th May from 12.30-1.30. Book a place.

Image credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Young via The Blue Diamond Gallery

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