Intellectual Property

IPResearchers often find themselves dealing with issues around intellectual property. Issues like the rights in data sets, the ownership of subject testimony and the reuse of software components crop up all the time, and can be hard to resolve alongside already crowded schedules. Within our team we have over a decade of experience of helping academic researchers deal with these issues in relation to digital projects.

We can advise on:

  • use and adaptation of externally produced digital materials
  • trademarks and their relation to project names
  • complying with data protection responsibilities in relation to cloud storage of research data
  • building a functioning community of contribution around your research outputs

We can help by:

  • providing bespoke training to your group on the issues your particular project will face
  • joining advisory groups
  • mentoring projects and researchers with particularly difficult IP and compliance issues
  • advising on where best to get additional supporting advice from the University’s Legal and Research Services

In the past our team has run the extremely successful OSS Watch project, which provided advice on release and reuse of software nationally over a decade. We also created the podcasting licensing framework that supports the University’s extremely successful iTunesU and particularly its Creative Commons-licensed podcasting initiative. We have also supported projects like PoliticsInspires and GreatWritersInspire in their engagement with IP-related issues.

If you are an academic at Oxford and would like our help, please contact

The image on the page is adapted from an image titled ‘Copyright, Patent, Trademark’, taken from the Flickr stream of BusinessSarah

It is used and adapted under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution Generic License (CC BY 2.0)

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