Text encoding, analysis and digitization

Text Encoding Class at the Digital Humanities Summer School 2014

Text Encoding Class at the Digital Humanities Summer School 2014

We support researchers who are looking for help with digitization, text encoding, text analysis and visualization, and digitization. Staff in the research support team are able to offer specialized support in the following areas:

  • XML encoding using the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative
  • Using the oXygenXML authoring and editing software application (download oXygenXML software, free to all members of the University)
  • Finding and using resources in the Oxford Text Archive, major archive of literary, linguistic and historical texts, established in 1976
  • Using BNCweb, an online interface for the British National Corpus, an important reference dataset for the English language. Access is available via single-sign-on for all members of the University.
  • Access to CLARIN: a wide range of services to support the use of linguistic data, tools and technology in research across a number of disciplines
  • Digitizing and working with historical documents
  • Tools and techniques in corpus linguistics
  • Finding and using electronic texts
  • Textual analysis, data mining, and visualization

We organise and deliver the following events and courses:

We are always happy to receive enquiries, please contact us at researchsupport@it.ox.ac.uk or James or Martin directly:

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