The Digital Education Strategy and SHOAL

Guest post by Dr Lucy Tallents

We are keen to make SHOAL relevant to the university’s new Digital Education Strategy, and the ongoing consultation on the DES in divisions and departments.  We hope that the SHOAL portal will support staff to make informed choices about digital learning opportunities they could develop for their students.

SHOAL aims contribute to the Digital Education Strategy in these ways:

  • Demonstrate effective and novel uses of digital tools already developed in Oxford
  • Facilitate experimentation through hands-on interactive examples (not just descriptive case studies), encouraging wider uptake and reducing time spent developing new online activities
  • Increase learning opportunities for students by giving them access to tried-and-tested online learning activities beyond their own courses, enabling them to experience a wider array of digital tools
  • Emphasise the variety of feedback mechanisms and student collaboration opportunities offered by digital tools
  • Connect staff and facilitate peer support through greater awareness of innovative digital teaching across departments and divisions

For more information on the Digital Education Strategy in general, please visit

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