Andy Lane

beyond11Andy Lane, Director of OpenLearn, one of the Open University’s major open learning initiatives: speaking about “Content, Collaboration and Innovation: Past, Present and Future”.

Why make educational resources open? Among a range of motivations is that OER can bridge the gap between formal and informal learning – something that the Open University Vice Chancellor, Martin Bean, emphasised at the recent JISC 2010 conference – PDF and video of that keynote available on that conference website. Andy explains that for this to work (to bridge informal and informal learning) the learner must come first. Content is the hook as is flexibility – students can mix and match (e.g. studying modules out of interest, even if it doesn’t fit into their formal timetable), and they can pace their learning.

Other mentions: OpenLearn LearningSpace VLE based on Moodle, with significant Open University investment, with reworking of material delivered to students; Openlearn’s future website architecture involves pulling-in content from itunes-U and YouTube Edu (‘short form’ content) to supplement OpenLearn ‘long form’ content for students and educators. Different parts of Openlearn for each.

Session 1 Beyond 2010.

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