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Melissa Highton welcomed everyone to the start of the Beyond 2010 conference.

Melissa is head of the Learning Technologies Group (the LTG), Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS).

The recent events in Iceland has made it impossible for three of our speakers to join us in person. Particularly appropriately for a learning technology conference, the speakers will be able to join us via video link. Melissa said she was grateful to the speakers who have gone ‘the extra mile’ for us, while not being able to go any extra miles. We also have live twitter (‘hash’ tag: #beyond2010) feeds and live blogging.

After some housekeeping, Melissa then introduced the OpenSpires project and the context in which the project has been operating over this last year.

Funding from JISC and HEFCE, has made it possible for the project to work moving the Oxford podcasting activity… which was already public and free… towards being the publication of open educational resources (OER).

Melissa then talked about the open educational resources movement, and about openness and access in Oxford; how a closed physical environment co-exists with a deep commitment to publication, communication and the dissemination of new knowledge.

“And for me, podcasting, by staff and by students is part of the new knowledge creation and publication process and the choices we make about the platforms we use to communicate, to make our content discoverable and the licences we choose is very much apart of being digitally literate.” Melissa Highton

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