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Speakers and presentations

Presentations will cover some of the most up-to-date projects and initiatives at Oxford University and those  involving partners and communities where technologies for digital scholarship have brought us back to books, text and writing in new ways.

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9.30 Registration and Coffee

  • Venue: Oxford University Computing Services, 13 Banbury Road, OX2 6NN
10.00 Welcome and introduction to the themes of the day
Melissa Highton, Head of Learning Technologies group, Oxford University
10.20 New approaches to sharing academic writing online
Chair: Howard Noble

  • ‘Writing history in new ways’
    Kate Lindsay, The WW1 Centenary Project University of Oxford 
  • ‘Politics In Spires’
    Scot Peterson and Blake Ewing, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford
New approaches to corpora and text
Chair: Dave Baker

  • ‘TOETOE:  English for Academic Purposes (EAP) with OER’
    Alannah Fitzgerald,  English Language Centre, University of Durham
  • ‘SPINDLE:  Text transcripts to improve discoverability of audio podcasts’
    Martin Wynne and Peter Robinson , OUCS, University of Oxford
11.30 New ways with e-books
Chair: Kate Lindsay 

  • ‘OUCS ebooks’
    Sebastian Rahtz, University of Oxford
  • ‘Annotations and ePUB’ Adam Obeng, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
  • ‘EEBO-TCP’
    Colm MacCrossan, Bodleian Libraries 
New  learning technology research
Chair: Jill Fresen

  • Researching the Digital Experience at Oxford’
    Liz Masterman, DIGE and THEMA Projects, University of Oxford 
  • ‘Researching Assistive Technologies’
    Lorna McKnight, Kellogg Centre for Research into Assistive Technologies,  University of Oxford
  • ‘Researching OER Re-use’
    Joanna Wild, OER Impact Project, University of Oxford
12.30 Lunch (St Anthony’s College)   
2.00 New approaches to Open Access publishing and Open Educational Resources
Rachel Bruce,  Innovation Director, Digital Infrastructure, JISC 
 2.30 New approaches to research data
Chair: Melissa Highton

  • ‘Producing an interactive iBook’
    Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Oxford Internet Institute
  • ‘Using interactive visualisations for teaching’
    Scott Hale, Oxford Internet Institute
New approaches to the canon
Chair:  Howard Noble

  • Making Connections’
    Peter Robinson, with colleagues from Faculty of English, Great Writers Inspire Project, University of Oxford 
3.40 Panel session Chair: Joanna Wild
4.45 Wrap up
5.00 Close Sessions during the day will feature:
The Great Writers project on using podcasts and ebooks to engage learners and teacher of literature.
The Oxford Internet Institute initiative to publish research as interactive ibooks.
The SPINDLE project on the challenges of speech recognition of text in academic oratory/ for academic purposes.
The WW1 Centenary project on crowdsourcing  to re-write history.
The PoliticsInspire  project on open blogging and OER journalism.
Oxford projects on enhanced ebooks and text encoding.
Learning and teaching with data-driven interactive visualisations.
The TOETOE Project on re-using academic corpora for open language learning.
Invisible learning and the the impact of technological advances in formal, non-formal, and informal education.
New research in assistive technologies for reading and studying.
Re-use of other people’s teaching materials in academic practice.
The challenges of meeting students expectations of the digital experience at Oxford.
The challenges of using research collections in teaching and engagement.
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Beyond Books: There and Back Again- June 12th 2012

This blog was established to support our conference in June 2012. There have been no new posts since then and the blog is now archived.

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