JISC MRD Launch Meeting

Last Thursday and Friday (1st-2nd December) I had the pleasure of participating in the JISC MRD 2011 Launch Meeting, which was a great opportunity to get to meet and talk to staff from the other projects involved in the programme. Being something of an old hand in the research data management game (having been involved in the first MRD programme via the Sudamih Project as well as the UMF-funded VIDaaS Project) I was asked to give a short presentation on some of our previous attempts at gathering evidence for benefits and cost savings. Whilst I am not convinced that we have really been setting the standards for best practice in this area, I do recall how daunting the task of creating a strong business case seemed when we first faced it, so I was happy to share what ideas I could with the new projects. The slide pack accompanying the presentation is available here. Do bear in mind that the numbers included in the slides are pretty rough and ready, and should certainly not be taken as representative beyond the immediate context they were gathered for.

As co-PI of DaMaRO, I also had the honour of displaying our beautiful new project poster (thanks Pip!) to the assembled throng, and trying to fend off various technical questions about metadata, which isn’t really my forte. Decisions regarding appropriate metadata will nevertheless form a vital part of the DaMaRO project however, and people who know more about this sort of thing than me will blog about the metadata we are using, and why we have chosen to use it, in due course.

I also gave a short update on the work we are currently engaged in with the VIDaaS Project, so that the new projects could get up to speed with what the small band of UMF-funded projects are currently up to and think about how their outputs might be re-used. The associated slide pack is available here.

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