DaMaRO research data management induction resources now available

As promised earlier this week, the DaMaRO Project’s induction resources are now available from the DaMaRO website.

The resources consist of a series of short PowerPoint presentations, giving a brief introduction to research data management. These are designed to be slotted into induction sessions or other similar events for new postgraduate students or new postdocs.

The presentations all cover the same ground, but in differing degrees of detail. If time is very limited, a single-slide version summarizes the basics; if a little longer is available, the seven-slide or eleven-slide version can be used.

Also available is a research data management fact-sheet. This can be printed for use as a hand-out, and is also suitable for inclusion in handbooks or other print resources.

The aim of these resources is simply to flag up key issues and provide pointers to further information. Our hope is that university divisions and departments will be willing to make use of them to raise awareness of data management issues among their researchers. Further training material covering more of the nitty-gritty of data management will be developed over the next few months.

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  1. Paul Jeffreys says:

    This is a superb resource. Excellent.

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