Damaro Project Update – April 2013

It’s been rather a while since I posted a general progress report for Damaro, so here’s a brief summary of what we’ve been up to over the last month or so…

Our DataFinder contribution form is now complete. This is the form that researchers will use to manually add records about research data they have produced when we cannot harvest such data automatically. We still need to do a bit of testing on this to ensure that it is clear to researchers what exactly they are supposed to enter, but it’s good to have this vital component in place. We’ve also made good progress with faceted searching and browsing, enabling users to filter DataFinder results for those datasets most relevant to their work.

With regards to training, we have now completed our survey of support staff (run in conjunction with the DataPool Project at Southampton) and we will analyse the results shortly. A list of updates has been submitted to Research Services to ensure the University’s RDM website remains accurate and continues to reflect best practice. A summary of issues regarding data de-anonymization has been drafted and will feed into future training materials. An appeal has been made for researchers who are willing to share their experiences of data management practices in particular academic departments. It is hoped that this will furnish examples for future training.

Work on the business case has advanced with a general case for investment in RDM infrastructure at the University having been prepared.

Project team members have attended three workshops disseminate lessons learned during Damaro and prepare for future RDM challenges. These consisted of the JISC Managing Research Data ‘end of programme’ workshop, the Knowledge Exchange’s ‘Making Data Count’ workshop in Berlin, and finally a workshop on ‘Open Data’ organised by the French agricultural research agency, INRA, to which I was invited to speak about the RDM work at Oxford. A reflection on the ‘Making Data Count’ workshop, and data metrics more specifically has been posted on this blog, and the slides presented to the INRA conference may be downloaded from the Damaro Outputs page.

We have now arranged for the Damaro (and Oxford DMP Online) Project Workshop to be held at Rewley house on the 28th June – save the date! We’ll post more details about this in due course.

Finally, in addition to the original project plan, the newly formed IT Services Research Support Group has volunteered to help out by trying out the elements of the Damaro RDM infrastructure with real research use cases – feeding back both on any technical problems encountered or gaps identified in the infrastructure.

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