As August wanes…

As we move into the last weekend of August, and the new term seems all too near, I thought I would give a brief summary of activities at OUCS during the vacation (so far). As with many departments, this is the time when OUCS takes stock and tries to do as much as it can to update its services in a period which is relatively quiet. Of course, nowadays Universities and staff seem to work 24/7 for 52 weeks so there is never a time when no work is underway (as we found to our cost last week when we had timetabled essential work on Herald, only to discover it coincided with A level results day!). Nevertheless things have been progressed and it is worth mentioning a few major activities.

First, a lot of time has gone into upgrading Herald by moving it to the new SAN infrastructure. This has involved many people from OUCS, and IBM, but is now in its final stages. We are just testing things at the moment but soon, we hope, will be in a position to boost the quotas as promised.

The HFS has also seen extensive work as we have been ordering and installing new hardware.

For those of you who have visited OUCS during July you will have noticed quite a bit of building work going on in the lecture room area. This has been centred on two areas – ‘upgrading’ and kitting out one of our older lecture theatres and decorating the corridor.

On top of that all our staff have been involved in finishing projects, making sure services are ready and improved for the new term, keeping things running (against the backdrop of unbelievable temperatures which pushed air conditioning units to their limits), and so on. At a strategic level, OUCS has also been involved in identifying savings for 2006/07 to assist the University in reducing its overall projected deficit. This means that some work we had planned for the next academic year will have to be put on hold alas.

I’ll be posting out more news in the forthcoming weeks outlining further work undertaken by OUCS, so watch this space.

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