Into the Archive…

The Dreaming Spools project has collected a large assortment of film footage over the course of the summer, which has had to be catalogued in our archive. We thought that we would give you a look into the depths of our archive and digitisation programme – CatDV – which we are using to keep track of all the information that we’ve been able to gather about the videos.

© All rights reserved

© All rights reserved

Sometimes it’s difficult to track down the owner, or producer, of the footage, so we do still have gaps in our information. The following film, for example, has been sent to us by someone who spotted it online, but we don’t know who took the footage, or who now owns the film! We’d love to find out, given that if the film reels still exist we could digitise them to a much higher quality. The video also looks particularly exciting, because it seems to have been filmed at the same time as James R. Savage’s films of Mount Farm Airbase- around 1944. If you know anything about it, do get in touch:

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