A hands-on approach to building digital literacy

Collage of images from Computer Club at the IWM

The Imperial War Museum sample use-case is of the museum accountant who is inspired by Computer Club to use technology more in his personal life, and is now more digitally aware meaning that as a fund owner he has more understanding of the requests for kit or innovations from curatorial colleagues

As part of the “Engage” series, the Imperial War Museum will present their ‘Computer Club’ which enables staff to gain hands-on experience with technology and aims to increase their digital literacy. This briefing will examine the practicalities of running the programme and consider its potential relevance to Oxford:

  • Would a University unit like to collaborate on a bid to the University’s newly-created “IT Innovation Seed Fund” to run a feasibility study of a trial of this approach to introduce ALL their staff to some of the digital things around us?
  • Who could lead these sessions in a University setting?
  • If initial feedback is negative about the name “Computer Club” (and its retro look-and-feel, and the way it sounds like an after-school-club) then can we discover a meaningful way to promote this initiative to our audiences?

Please book online for “The First Rule of Computer Club? Talk about Computer Club!” IT Services Thames Suite, Banbury Road 12.30-13.30 on 18 November 2014 by Simon Delafond and Jesse Alter, Imperial War Museums.

Digital literacy contributes to the University strategy to sustain and enhance its excellence in scholarship by providing an opportunity to broaden and deepen the digital capability of all members of the University. Computer Club is firmly about reaching the widest range of members in a Unit. Researchers for example, but maybe more about improving the digital literacy of staff responsible for supporting research teams, see the image above, about the Imperial War Museum.

Please join us on 18 November!

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