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EET members at the IT Services annual staff day, June 2014. From left to right: Ylva, Liz, Sarah, Alun

EET members in front of our information stand at the IT Services annual staff day, June 2014. From left to right: Ylva, Liz, Sarah, Alun.

Liz Masterman

Liz 310314 240x240Liz is acting manager of the team from April 2014 until September 2015. She is a researcher specialising in lecturers’ engagement with digital technologies, the student digital experience, open educational resources, open access, and the evaluation of digital technologies in teaching and learning. Liz has worked at the University for 11 years, initially in the Department of Education before moving to IT Services (then OUCS) in 2005. She has an MSc in Human-Centred Computer Systems from Sussex University and a PhD in Educational Technology from the University of Birmingham. Liz is a member (and former trustee) of the Association for Learning Technology, and her other affiliations include the Cyclists’ Touring Club and the Cloud Appreciation Society (although she also acknowledges the benefits of blue-skies thinking).

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Kate Lindsay

Photo: Kate LindsayKate is the manager for Education Enhancement, and also Academic IT’s Manager for Engagement. She has a specialism in digital technologies for public engagement and social media strategy. She joined the Department in 2002 and previously was a project manager in the Academic Computing Development Team, leading a series of high profile projects in the areas of technology enhanced learning, digitisation, open educational resources and crowdsourcing. She is the co-founder of the Oxford Community Collection Model. Kate holds an MSc from Oxford University in Educational Research Methodology and has conducted research studies on connecting technology and university teaching. She is a member of the Association for Learning Technology, the Museum Association and an Ambassador for Public Engagement with the NCCPE.

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Alun Edwards

Alun Edwards in the trenches

Alun is part of the Education Enhancement team in Academic IT. Alun manages the University’s contribution to Europeana Awareness, in particular online crowdsourcing projects like Europeana 1914-1918. As well as being an expert in the Oxford Community Collection Model, he works with the Information Security team of experts from across the University. Most likely to say “Don’t teach your Granny to suck eggs!” Least likely to say: “No!” What others say: “Less of a fire risk, more a draught excluder” and he’s “a do-er!” See all of Alun’s posts on this blog.

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Ylva Berglund Prytz

Photo by Kate Lindsay

As Senior Research Officer, Ylva supports the team effort as and where needed, usually in areas related to community collection, communication, and research. Ylva has worked for the University since 2001, being involved in different projects, services and initiatives such as Europeana 1914-1918, Great Writers Inspire, RunCoCo , What’s the Score at the Bodleian?, OpenSpires, British National Corpus, Oxford Text Archive, SACODEYL, OUCS web team and Intute: Arts and Humanities. She has a PhD in English language, a MA in English and Economics, and a Business Administration Diploma from Uppsala University, Sweden, and has completed a string of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various subjects, including Education, Linguistics, Russian, and Politics.  Ylva is a member of the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics, and also teaches for the Faculty of English.

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Sarah Wilkin  

1173627_902400178493_654410206_nSarah works as an Engagement Officer for the team, and is largely involved in promoting Oxford’s online World War One collections and supporting university staff with their use of digital technology for knowledge transfer and public engagement. Initially trained as a secondary school teacher, she taught English for several years before completing an MSc in Education (Learning and Technology) at Oxford in 2013. She has since enjoyed being part of the open education movement and working on multiple digital projects including: Great Writers Inspire, Oxford’s partnership with TES Connect , Poetry by Heart and the English in Education Research Project to mark NATE‘s 50th anniversary.

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