The ‘go_girl: code+create’ project – using digital technologies to reach out to young NEET women

In the lunch-time session on Tuesday 7th March, members of the go_girl: code+create team will present their successful project and discuss finding and experiences, perhaps offering us a glance of what is happening next. To reserve your place, book here

go_girl: code+create is a project at the Department of Education, University of Oxford, jointly run by Niall Winters and Anne Geniets. In line with Oxford’s targets in its Access Agreement with the Office for Fair Access, this interdisciplinary project complements existing programmes aimed at widening access to the University of Oxford, but tackles the problem in a fundamentally new way using technology. The research is supported by the University of Oxford IT Innovation Seed Fund.
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goGirlThe go_girl: code+create project has been funded by IT Innovation Challenges

8th Week

Tuesday 7th March

The Go Girl: code+create project – using digital technologies to reach out to young NEET women
12.30-13.30 | Lunchtime Talk: Anne Geniets (Education), Melanie Jewell
Description: In this talk, Melanie Jewell (Early Intervention Hub, Oxfordshire County Council) and Anne Geniets (OUDE) talk about their collaboration on the go girl: code+create project (, drawing on their experiences of using digital technologies for outreach and engagement with young NEET women in Oxfordshire.
 Intended audience: Anyone
 Format: Presentation with Q&A session
 Objectives: Understand non-traditional education, Understand NEET, Understand coding, Understand social justice
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Many of these #OxEngage sessions showcase work done by the University’s IT Innovation Challenges and surface stories relating to the University’s Digital Education Strategy.

The full #OxEngage programme: Watch this space along with the Engage Facebook page and follow #OxEngage to hear all the latest updates.


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