Engage Workshop: Virtual Reality in Education

Man wearing VR headset

Exploring VR (with kind permission of Xavier Laurent)

DATE: Friday 24 Feb, 2017, 14-17
PLACE: IT Services 13 Banbury Rd (Evenlode lecture room)
BOOKING: via the IT Learning Centre

ABOUT THE SESSION: This workshop offers an opportunity to learn about using apps, technologies, and techniques for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for education, research, and public engagement.  The presenters will give examples of what they have done and introduce the technologies and tools they have used. You will then be able to explore the applications and equipment and discuss potential uses in your area.

This session is suitable for anyone with an interest in exploring the use of technology for education.


  • Simon Purins (Age Exchange): Meeting in No Man’s Land. Using LayAR to help school students to produce original and engaging responses to WW1 material. About the project: http://www.eyesociation.org/MiNML/. Download the LayAR app to your smartphone or tablet: https://get.layar.com
  • Chris Paton (Tropical Medicine): LIFE – a game for saving lives. See https://oxlifeproject.org/
  • Richard Smith (Bodleian Radcliffe Science Library): The libraies’ VR service. Exploring the Gear VR equipment. See http://ox.libguides.com/vr/.
  • Henry Jordan (Experimental Psychology): Using a simulated 3D environment to study how people can anticipate a robot’s movements (using an Oculus DK1).
  • Fridolin Wild & Will Guest (Brookes University): Performance Augmentation: professional learning in Industry 4.0
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  1. I love to read and write about virtual reality, ASAP our content agency is going to arrange a seminar about VR and AI performance through the internet and then their impacts in the Education. We could discuss both pros and cons.

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