‘Academic Blogging: Political Analysis in the Digital Age’

On Tuesday 25 February, from 13:00 to 17:00, the Department of Politics and International Relations will be hosting an event on the subject of ‘Academic Blogging: Political Analysis in the Digital Age‘ in the Lecture Theatre of Manor Road Building
This event will feature prominent practitioners and commentators from the media and academia including: 
  • Andrew Sparrow, Editor of the Guardian’s Politics Live blog
  • Chris Bertram of the University of Bristol and long-term contributor to Crooked Timber
  • Kirsty Doole, UK Editor, Oxford University Press blog
  • William Dutton and Victoria Nash of the Oxford Internet Institute
  • David Levy of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
  • Rosemary Bechler, Editor of Open Democracy
  • Chris Gilson and Sierra Williams, Editors of LSE blogs
  • Representatives from Politics in Spires and Ballots and Bullets.
Blogging is becoming an increasingly important aspect of academic life – a way to increase academic output, reach new audiences and foster original debates. This event is an opportunity to learn about opportunities in the world of academic blogging, understand current trends, and gain insight and advice from the experts. 
Lunch from 12:30pm; drinks reception from 5pm. Pre-registration is essential (and free): http://bit.ly/MWeCyo.
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