Creating interactive online learning materials using free open source e-learning applications

Most VLEs (Virtual Learning Environment) offer a HTML editing tool which allows you to create online content without learning HTML codes.   However, the web pages created using the tool have limitations: e.g. lack of interactions and sophisticated navigation.

Here are three free open source e-learning applications that can help you to create interactive online learning materials. The materials produced can be used on any web sites including your institutional VLE.

  • eXe – the eLearning XHTML editor, which can be downloaded to your local computer.  It assists academics in the design, development and publishing of web-based interactive learning and teaching materials and activities.
  • Xerte – a customisable suite of tools for e-learning developers and content authors producing sophisticated interactive learning materials.
  • GLO Maker – design and develop learning objects (called ‘GLOs’), incorporating images, audio clips, video clips and quizzes.  It focuses on good learning design and provides powerful features in an easy-to-use interface.

I run termly lunch time session on the three tools.  More information:

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