LTG Announce: Hilary Term 13 – week 3

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1. WebLearn courses

1.1  Plagiarism: WebLearn and Turnitin

Monday 4 February 12:30-13:30

This one-hour course discusses issues surrounding plagiarism. The Turnitin plagiarism detection service identifies pieces of text in studentsÂ’ work that match with existing electronic texts. It can be used for assessed essays and also for general formative purposes to improve student academic skills. You will have a chance to submit a sample document via the WebLearn integration with Turnitin. Booking at

1.2  WebLearn: Design and content

Wednesday 6 February 09:15-12:15

After having attended the WebLearn Fundamentals course, and/or having used WebLearn for some time, users need to know more about the planning, structure and design of WebLearn sites and the effective use of WebLearn tools.  Booking at

1.3  WebLearn: Surveys

Monday 11 February 14:00-17:00

WebLearn Surveys (beta) can be used to design and manage electronic questionnaires to be delivered online. Surveys can be created for general data gathering purposes, or for course, lecturer or tutor evaluation. They can be delivered to WebLearn site members, ad-hoc groups or the general public.  Booking at .

1.4  WebLearn Bytes: Resources

Tuesday 12 February 12:30-13:30

What is the best way to make learning and organisational materials available to your students so that they can find them easily? Come and experiment hands-on with the Resources tool, using features such as creating HTML pages, reading lists, web content links, group-specific material and permissions. Booking at

2.  ITLP courses next week 

2.1 Access: Database structure
Monday 4 February 09:15-12:15

2.2   Programming: JavaScript

Monday 4 February 09:15-17:15

2.3 Security and privacy online: Spotting phishing scams
Monday 4 February 12:30-13:30

2.4   PowerPoint: Getting the message across

Monday 4 February 14:00-17:00

2.5   Apple Mac: An introduction

Monday 4 February 14:00-17:00

2.6   EndNote: Building your library

Tuesday 5 February 09:15-12:15

2.7   Nexus: Introduction to Outlook 2010

Tuesday 5 February 14:00-17:00

2.8   Apple Mac: Keynote – fundamentals

Tuesday 5 February 14:00-17:00

2.9   WebEx Meeting Center – Basic

Tuesday 5 February 15:00-16:00

2.10            Excel: 3D formulas, charts, histograms and sharing data

Wednesday 6 February 09:15-12:15

2.11            Word: Charts, pictures and diagrams

Wednesday 6 February 09:15-12:15

2.12            Linux: Using office programs and email (session 2)

Wednesday 6 February 12:30-13:30

2.13            Nexus: SharePoint 2010 – managing meetings

Thursday 7 February 14:00-17:00

2.14            Web publishing: An introduction to CSS

Thursday 7 February 14:00-17:00

2.15            Apple Mac: Test drive a Mac

Friday 8 February 10:00-12:00

3. CETIS (Centre for Educational Technology & Interoperability Standards) Analytics Series

The CETIS Analytics Series explores a number of key issues around the potential strategic advantages and insights which the increased attention on, and use of, analytics is bringing to the education sector. Funded by Jisc, it is aimed primarily at managers and early adopters in Further and Higher Education who have a strategic role in developing the use of analytics in the following areas:

  • Whole Institutional Issues
  • Ethical and Legal Issues
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Research Management
  • Technology and Infrastructure

For more information:

4.  Educause: 7 things you should know about Collaborative Learning Spaces

“Alternative classroom designs have emerged that support collaborative learning and shift the focus away from lecture-based formats. Collaborative learning spaces generally involve new construction or the wholesale renovation of existing rooms, and they typically feature the ability to reconfigure seating to accommodate a variety of teaching methods. Such spaces enable alternative pedagogies that allow for more inquiry and investigative work, and they empower students to explore course content and ideas in an environment that has multiple points from which learning may emerge.”

 More details:

5. Funding calls

5.1   Collaborative Teaching Development Grants – call now open

The 2013 call for the HEA’s Collaborative Teaching Development Grants is now open. Grants of up to £60,000 will be awarded to projects that lead to new and innovative practice in the areas of assessment and feedback and flexible learning. The call closes at 12:00 on 1 March 2013.  More information: .

5.2   Research Tender Opportunity: Review of HEFCE Quality Enhancement Policies

This research aims to critically evaluate HEFCEs enhancement activity from 2005 to present; and to assess the future enhancement needs of the sector and to review the options for addressing these. The deadline for funding applications to be received is 21 February 2013.  More information: .

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