Via @educause 7 things you should know about infographic creation tools

“A new breed of tools is emerging that allow faster and easier creation of infographics, enabling users without deep skills in graphic design or the software that supports it. These tools provide templates, examples, and drag-and-drop functionality that allow creators to focus their efforts on the concept rather than also having to worry about creating the graphic. The nature of these tools encourages fast prototyping, allowing students to create, assess, and revise many versions of a graphic in a short amount of time. These tools also offer the opportunity to expand visual learning and thinking into fields where visual aspects of communication are not always included.”

More details:

If you are an Oxford member, you can win a prize for your best infographic in our annual OxTALENT Awards. For the upcoming OxTALENT 2013 Awards, watch this space:

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