The collected wisdom of ALT members: lecture caputure tools

lecture_capture_surveyDoes your institution do lecture capture?  What platform are you using?

Recently this has been discussed on the ALT mailing list.  In order to see the big picture, Julian Prior from Southampton Solent University set up a survey and published the results (from 43 institutions):

Key points from the report:

1. The two most popular lecture capture solutions are Panopto and Echo 360, followed by Camtasia Relay.

2. Over 70% of institutions surveyed self-host their lecture capture solution.

3. The vast majority of institutions are only capturing a minority of lectures: nearly 80% record between 0 and 40% of lectures.

4. Approximately 80% of institutions have their lecture capture solution integrated with their VLE.

5. Ease of use, flexibility, VLE integration and benefits to students’ learning were among the things people liked about lecture capture.

6. Dislikes included poor support, lack of particular features, cost of licensing and lack of integration with other systems.

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