The collected wisdom of ALT members: software for asking questions in a lecture

raise questionNote: this is a simple summary of what discussed amongst the members. I have kept the suggestions anonymous. If you prefer to be named, just drop me a line.

A question asked by an ALT member:

Could anyone suggest an application that allows students to text questions to the lecturer at a given point in the lecture? The lecturer can then review the questions and decide how to progress with the session. For example if it’s clear that students are struggling with certain concepts the lecture can further clarify that area again.

The questions are anonymous and as such are an interesting tool for including all students, even those who feel awkward about asking questions in groups.

The suggestions made by ALT members :

  • – The free version allows up to 40 responses per question, and is perfectly usable for small classes. Students can reply online and through twitter as well if they don’t want to pay to send a text which is always useful too.
  • a paid service -you can text, tweet or use a web form to send messages to the wall.
  • – free tool allows anyone to join in to talk anonymously.  Here is a tutorial –
  • – a web-based audience response system.  It allows Polls/quizzes/Questions/confusion accessed on multiple mobile devices.  It is free for a small number of users (e.g. less than 30 students).
  • by Blackboard
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