Introducing the Chorus Newsletter (and the end of the Chorus blog)

2015-03-Chorus-NewsletterThe ICP team have produced a new monthly Chorus newsletter – it replaces this blog, which will no longer be updated. The newsletter includes the latest information on Chorus including migration progress, upcoming events, and a showcase of the new features of Chorus. We hope you like it!

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Chorus at the Innovation & Technology Exhibition

The Chorus team will have a stand at the University of Oxford Innovation & Technology Exhibition on 11th December, which is being held at the Examination Schools. Come along and talk to us about how Chorus will affect you – look for the big poster with the Chorus logo on it. If you need to register for the event, you can do so here.


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Chorus: Overview Video

We have produced a video that provides an overview of the new Chorus service, and how its new features can improve the way people communicate and work across the University of Oxford. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Chorus – Modernising Oxford’s Communications

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UAS Conference

The Chorus team will be at the UAS Conference on 1st October 2014. We will be giving a short presentation on the upcoming Chorus service and how it will affect users at UAS: please come along!

We will also have an information stand with members of the team available to demo the new system and answer any question you may have.

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Introducing Chorus


We have confirmed a new name and logo for the unified communications service being delivered by ICP: it will be known as ‘Chorus’. The Chorus branding encompasses the entire service: telephony, unified communications, service websites and other features. Going forward, we’ll be referring to the Chorus service in our communications and on the project site.

We are setting up a Chorus user group to provide feedback and help us steer the project. We’d love to love IT support staff on board with this, so please email the team if you would like to be involved.

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Upcoming events in July: briefing for IT Services staff

At tomorrow’s ICTF Conference, we’re giving a short talk on the progress of ICP and support resources available for IT staff. If you can’t make tomorrow’s talk, we are also running briefing sessions for IT Services staff in the coming weeks that will cover much of the same material.

These sessions will cover:

  • Objectives and benefits of ICP
  • Current status and timescale
  • Project structure, involvement and ownership
  • Technology, service and business change views
  • Support resources for colleagues

and much more!

We are running two sessions for IT Services staff – one at Hythe Bridge Street, another at Banbury Road. As seating is limited, please register your attendance by following the Eventbrite links below. We will arrange for more sessions in the near future to meet demand.

Friday 18th July, 11.00 am – HBS (Tetsworth / Woodstock)

Wednesday 23rd July, 10.00 am – BR (Isis)

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at these upcoming events. If you have any questions, please contact the ICP team.

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Interview: Simon Thomson, IT Systems Manager at Pembroke College

What are your thoughts about ICP?

I’m enthusiastic about the project, which I think will be a very good thing for Pembroke and the University as a whole. It’s an ideal opportunity to make changes that will bring significant benefits.

What approach are you taking to ICP at Pembroke?

We intend to organise some user groups within the college, followed by pilots, to evaluate the best way of getting optimum results from the new system.

What challenges are you envisaging?

It’s the unknowns. At Pembroke we’ll need to do our own pilot with a small selection of users to work through any issues once the new system is live. We’ll need to test the resilience of the network, check the configurations work and that Wi-Fi is reliable. And, of course, take action if there are problems.

What are the advantages?

Well, it makes such sense to use a headset plugged into your desktop computer, leaving both hands free for doing things like typing or taking notes. Whenever I have to do anything at the same time as talking on the phone, I use my mobile with hands-free. That will become the norm and I think in the future people will look back and be amazed that we used to hold a receiver in one hand or scrunch up one shoulder to keep it close to our ear. Of course people who like holding a receiver can still do so – although it might be plugged into their computer rather than attached to a traditional telephone.

I can see the new functionality being particularly useful to both the Development and Academic Offices. The Development Director is often travelling and it will be so much easier for him to keep in touch with college and Alumni; it will also be cheaper because it’ll be over a data network.

A lot of academics attend conferences and work away from college, especially out of term time. It will be much easier to get hold of them through their one University extension number wherever they are. Admissions is a critical time when the Academic Office need to be in constant contact with academics who are interviewing and making decisions. The new system will be better for this as well.

I can also see the web collaboration feature being a valuable tool. It can be used for interviews – it’ll be much better than Skype, which we tend to use now – but also for discussions between tutors about candidates. Communications will just be so much quicker and more convenient than at present.

The irony is that the most expensive thing gives the least functionality – i.e. desktop handsets. Why would anyone choose that option?

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Welcome to the ICP blog

Welcome to the Integrated Communications Project blog. This site will be used for up-to-date news on ICP, including upcoming events such as demonstrations, roadshows and pilot schemes.

For full information on ICP, please visit the project website, which has comprehensive information including how the new service will affect your department, key benefits, training options and frequently asked questions. You can also contact the ICP team for further information.

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