The PRONOM vocabulary

The National Archives are currently preparing a vocabulary specification for describing file formats that appear in digital repositories, targeted at the field of digital preservation. You can find the current version linked from their blog post. I don’t know much … Continue reading

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Using logging to debug what suds is sending across the wire

suds, a SOAP client for Python, makes good use of Python’s logging module, which makes it easy to work out what it’s sending across the wire. I’d previously mentioned hacking suds to use an urllib2 handler with debugging enabled. Modifying … Continue reading

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Exchange Web Services, suds, and Python

This post is out of date. Please see this new post about Exchange 2010. I’d quite like to be able to interact with the University’s Exchange 2007 instance (Nexus) programmatically using suds (a Python SOAP client) and Exchange Web Services … Continue reading

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