OAuth and JavaScript

A couple of days ago, Alex Bilbie posted OAuth and JavaScript about why you shouldn’t use OAuth APIs directly from JavaScript applications. I may have missed the point — and that’s a distinct possibility — but I’m not sure I … Continue reading

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Cross-domain OAuth2 in JavaScript, and Internet Explorer 8

I apologise for the rant that follows. I’m building a pure JavaScript web application that needs the user to authenticate to access a non-public API. The cool part of all this is that we can loosely couple the API and … Continue reading

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Foo Foo Foo Foo Bar Foo Bar Foo Bar

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Accessing SharePoint with WebDAV, without files being returned as HTML

When mounting a SharePoint form library using gvfs over WebDAV, files stored as XML on the server are returned as the HTML presented to browsers. Other WebDAV clients on Mac and Windows successfully retrieve XML versions. What’s going on‽ Well, … Continue reading

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Proxying HTTPS sites for debugging using Wireshark

I’m currently trying to work out how to poke the University’s SharePoint instance to get data out in useful formats. Often, it’s useful to see how other tools (e.g. WebDAV clients and SharePoint Designer) do it. As SharePoint is (sensibly) … Continue reading

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Programmatic access to Exchange 2010 using EWS, SOAP, and Python

I’ve previously blogged about accessing Exchange (2007) using suds and Python. Turns out that things have changed slightly in Exchange 2010, so here’s an update. First, you’ll need to use Alex Koshelev’s EWS-specific fork of suds, which you can grab … Continue reading

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Cookie-like behaviour, without cookies

I was at the University’s Webmasters’ Workshop event at the OeRC on Friday, and got talking to Dan Q of the Bodleian Libraries about the soon-to-be-enforced ‘cookie law’. We realised that it’s possible to achieve cookie-like behaviour without actually setting … Continue reading

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Python decorators with optional arguments

Ever seen decorators which can be used like this? Django’s template filter registration decorator is a good example of this, where it can be called as either a decorator, or a function that returns a decorator (specifically, a function that … Continue reading

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I spent the weekend at DevXS a student developer event hosted by the lovely people at the University of Lincoln. All in all, it was a great event, and I look forward to there being more of them. Joss Winn … Continue reading

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Quick comments on using pylibacl on Mac OS X

This is mostly a note to myself, though might be useful for anyone else trying to get it working. pylibacl is a Python module for accessing and modifying POSIX.1e Access Control Lists. We’re using these ACLs in the DataFlow project … Continue reading

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