— By Vinton Cheng —

Ever found yourself with an interesting research idea, but struggling to find the right person to help you bring it to fruition? ConnectOx aims to simplify and automate the process of online expertise discovery to enable faster connections between researchers that will accelerate academic growth. With the help of our collaborators, *Research and the CRUK Oxford Cancer Centre, the ConnectOx team are developing a novel algorithm to bring researchers together using a validated profiling system combined with existing evidence from a large scientific research network. Over the past few months, we have been successful in generating valuable data that will be presented at an international conference in Beijing. This is now being used to develop a backend environment for the ConnectOx prototype test portal. We’re looking forward to the next stages of development, as we work towards the final product. Watch this space!

For more information abuot ConnectOx, please contact the project manager Vinton Cheng <> or read the project abstract .

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