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As an Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education, one of our responsibilities is delivering Apple Professional exams. This week it was Final Cut Pro. The level one exam is multiple-choice and 90 minutes long – and very challenging by all accounts. Although 3 out of 5 candidates scored in the high 70s, the pass mark is 80% and so only one candidate made it through.

All of the candidates are users of FCP, so did they think it a fair exam? Unanimously they agreed it was. Their advice for future exam takers:

  • Go on the Final Cut Pro course – it really does prepare you thoroughly
  • Work through the course book and don’t skip any of it
  • Take the exam soon after the course
  • The exam focuses entirely on the Final Cut Pro application, and not on the video making process, so make sure you are completely comfortable with all the features of the application.

And will the four try again? Yes. In fact having discovered that the exam is not a walkover, they realise just how valuable it will be on their CVs when they eventually do pass…

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