IT Learning Programme – Advent Learning: Week 1

christmas-1015352_1920As we come into the season of Advent, counting down to Christmas, the IT Learning Programme team has picked out some seasonal videos that can help you get in the mood. Look out for our weekly blog up until Christmas. In our first week we’ll help you plan your time and hopefully carve out some quiet time over Christmas!

Learn to keep track of your time, with your work commitments, preparations at home and all those festivities, using a calendar as simple as Outlook. Keep aside some thinking space amongst the excitement and fun, to ponder what Christmas means to you.

Get some quick tips on how to organise meetings using Outlook

Or use more of Outlook’s tools to manage your own time.

Hear from a time management expert with some simple tips to becoming more intentional about the way you spend your time.

And if the holiday spending seems to be getting away from you, learn to create a simple budget using Excel.

Note: to watch these videos you will need to sign up to our new lynda learning resource. It’s free to sign up using your Oxford single sign (SSO) credentials.

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