IT Learning Programme Advent Learning: Week 4

christmas-1015348_1920In our last post before Christmas, we highlight a few short videos focusing on the  creative use of technology.

Be inspired to design a logo, create a game character using Blender, or find out about the process behind special effect make up!

Or simply sit back and relax and watch one of the many online documentaries in featuring the stories of creative companies, leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, experts, and innovators.

And here are some suggestions of videos to help you learn something new, at home or at work. You can even share this particular collection with your family and friends – you don’t need an SSO login!

Happy Holidays!

Remember that you can download videos from for offline viewing.  If you’re planning a Christmas trip and worried about a long stay in a departure lounge, or concerned you may get snowed in somewhere (!), how about downloading some interesting videos to your handheld device? Read our guidance on using on your mobile device.

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