I went to a communications workshop, and it was good. If I had to pick fault with it, there was too much emphasis on branding, and how we must follow the branding guidelines. There is nothing wrong with that either, except that branding was assumed to be logos, and colours, and typefaces.

Branding is more than those things, it is even more than the sum of those things. Branding is the story that runs through your customer’s (read course participant’s) mind when they see your logo, or hear your name, or receive your email.

For us (the IT Learning Programme)  we hope our brand – our story – is the total experience of attending one of our courses:

  • Course discovery
  • Course booking
  • The emails and reminders
  • Arrival at the venue
  • Paying the course fee
  • The classroom
  • The course resources
  • The teaching
  • The follow up
  • The post course support

So as teachers we shouldn’t focus entirely on what we deliver in the room; so much else contributes to the ‘branding’.


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