lynda and the ITLP by the numbers

It’s now two weeks since we introduced to the University. As of today, we have 1301 signed up users, who have collectively watched 378 hours of video spread over 6158 individual videos. is a vast and expanding on-line library of video-based tutorials (3963*) covering 8 key areas:

  • Design
  • Developer
  • Web
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Audio
  • 3D

Not surprisingly, the IT Learning Programme delivers class-room based courses in exactly the same areas. Why wouldn’t we? These are key skill areas for academics, students and staff. Why the duplication?

Last year we offered 797 courses with a total of 25,124 participant contact hours for 3,924 distinct individuals. We are close to capacity, still not reaching all 12,510 staff and 22,348 students and still not able to cover all the topics we are asked for. Our aims in introducing are:

  • Extend our reach to all parts of the University, especially undergraduates who rarely have time to spare to attend our classes
  • Increase the number of topics we can cover
  • Provide 24/7, at-your-desk, access to high quality IT training
  • Complement our classroom-based courses with pre- and post- course video-based learning, to enable us to make full use of valuable class contact time

If you are a University member, you can access for FREE at

*These numbers arelikely to changing as you read this…

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