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This app is great – I was introduced to it by my son after he had downloaded and used it for a weekend trip to Paris, he insisted that it was a really good app and he would have been lost without it.

We then decided to download it onto our IPhone and IPad for our trip year to Barcelona – it was a total god send.

You are able to see your location on the map on your phone/Ipad without an Internet connection and find streets, addresses or attractions it will give you a GPS location so you can actually see where you are on the map.

It allows you to look at where you are staying in conjunction to where all the local attractions are so you can plan out what you want to visit as well as know whether you will need to use public transport.

No more getting lost!  GPS will show you where you are on the map.

This travel app allows you to discover some exciting new places, shows some beautiful photos and gives instant tips at the touch of a button.  The app will allow you to receive stories about places that you like and lets you instantly save and find them on your maps and in your lists for future reference.

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