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We all know how precious our Oxford online identity is – and that we are, alas, targets of The Bad Guys who want to know our Oxford usernames and passwords. This information gives them access to a range of University resources, and it is worth money to them. So they use all sorts of ingenious plans to trick us into disclosing our details.
But sometimes, they don’t need to try very hard, because we give them a helping hand 🙁

Last week we ran a stand at the ITSS Suppliers Exhibition. It was a busy event, and it was good to see all sorts of IT support people exchanging ideas and building the community. Our stand was all about, and we had a continuous stream of people wanting to know more, or simply wanting to tell us about how great they think videos are.

We were encouraging people who hadn’t already set up an account for to do so at the Oxford page What struck me was the number of people who cheerfully signed up (thank you, guys, we topped our target of 3000 that morning!), giving their SSO credentials, and then finished the conversation and wandered off. Leaving our laptop signed in with their identity.

Now I’m a fairly law-abiding citizen, so I assure you that I signed each of you out immediately and closed the browser, so your secret is safe with me. But it was a reminder that even the most security-minded IT professionals can slip up, and we all need to be alert to protect our online identities.

Read more about how to stay safe online:
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