Mind the Gap

I run quite a lot of poster design workshops. One of the challenges for those creating a poster for the first time is resisting the temptation to fill all the space available – after all there is so much to … Continue reading

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lynda and the ITLP by the numbers

It’s now two weeks since we introduced lynda.com to the University. As of today, we have 1301 signed up users, who have collectively watched 378 hours of video spread over 6158 individual videos. lynda.com is a vast and expanding on-line … Continue reading

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Homer? Who they?

I encourage all the ITLP teachers, full-time and sessional, to make their learning resources available under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike flavour of Creative Commons licensing. Sessional teachers, being mostly post-graduates, tend to move on after a couple of years, and so their … Continue reading

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A course launch?

Last week, I was at the launch of George Rousseau’s book Rachmaninoff’s Cape: A Nostalgia Memoir (Why? I had a small part to play in the design of the book’s typography and cover). A book launch is an interesting event. … Continue reading

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But… Is it art?

I have always had an interest in comics, but possibly not given the art form its due regard as a serious storytelling medium. A friend suggested I read one of the most highly regarded analyses of the genre: Understanding Comics: … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule

Browsing a book on pop-philosophy (at least that’s what my fully trained Philosophy friend called it!), I came across the Golden Rule. No matter what your cultural background, you might be familiar with: “Do unto others what you would have … Continue reading

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Teaching Personas

Some have likened teaching to a performance, where we assume a character in front of an audience with the hope of engaging them at least, and changing their ideas and behaviour at best. Reflecting on my own teaching I can … Continue reading

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I went to a communications workshop, and it was good. If I had to pick fault with it, there was too much emphasis on branding, and how we must follow the branding guidelines. There is nothing wrong with that either, … Continue reading

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