Teacher – Author, Curator, Guide?

When I first started teaching for ITLP the landscape for resources was quite different for students. Yes, most things could be found on the web and how-to sites existed but a lot more research – and luck – was involved … Continue reading

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Mentoring, Instructing, Perspective and Knowledge

Reading the below article recently, I was struck by how much of my teaching approach depends firstly on the type of session I am facilitating (workshop, exercise-led course, show and tell + discussion etc.). Then beyond this broad frame-work the … Continue reading

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Our favourite sources

Keeping up to date across a broad spectrum of teaching commitments is not always easy! Time is hard to come by for us all so curated lists from reputable sources often fill gaps in news provision whether we filter Twitter … Continue reading

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Slideshare and Pinterest in academia

Slideshare and Pinterest are gaining interest in academia in the way they allow us to present ideas visually – sometimes in ways that allow us to breathe new air into a subject. Doing subject specific searches in these online tools … Continue reading

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A robotic spider dress!

I have always taken an interest in the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.  The show is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show attracting major companies and industry professionals worldwide.  The annual show is held every year … Continue reading

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Nuclear Fusion research, Lego and some lessons for the IT Learning Programme

I was recently lucky enough to have dinner with a leading physicist whose speciality is smashing atoms together at very high speed and looking at what happens – in one of the great memes of the internet this process has … Continue reading

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The Open Source challenge

When I started teaching a few years ago it was inconceivable that digital media output could be done solely using open source software. What was available had limited feature sets, poor workflows, a reputation for crashing, and a distinct lack … Continue reading

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Academic blogging

There is an interesting article in the Guardian about academic blogging that covers all the things you might think about before deciding to setup a blog. It’s really a check list – written by an academic who takes blogging seriously … Continue reading

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Welcome to the teachers blog. This a place where teachers in the IT Learning Programme can record thoughts and ideas centered around our practice as University-based advocates of technology and computing skills. I would like to start by quickly surveying … Continue reading

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