Protect your identity

We all know how precious our Oxford online identity is – and that we are, alas, targets of The Bad Guys who want to know our Oxford usernames and passwords. This information gives them access to a range of University … Continue reading

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Version Conversion

Over this summer, we have brought Office 2013 into our teaching rooms. This involves all sorts of fun for the team who painstakingly test and manage the software “image” for us, and of course the teachers who revise all course … Continue reading

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Being between full term-times (“vacation” doesn’t seem to be the right word for it), I was becoming concerned about the amount of time I spend staring at computer screens, large and small. It’s more of a worry during these non-teaching … Continue reading

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Simul-casting made painless

This term, we are trialling a lecture capture system. When a speaker comes along to the IT Learning Programme to give an interesting talk or course, it seems a shame that people miss out because they can’t be in the … Continue reading

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“There And Back Again” or: Adding Value Before and After Our Lectures

The Hilary Term series of lunchtime talks are coming together nicely, under the banner do: . So do have a look at, and find out what’s in store. It’s great to have a real variety of experts and colleagues … Continue reading

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“But how do I know what I don’t know?”

That’s a question we often hear from new research students around this time of year. Life as a postgrad is so much less structured than when you were an undergrad with lectures to attend, text books to study, essays to … Continue reading

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IT teaching without a computer

It’s all rather unfair really. When you’re building a database, the very first thing you have to do … is by far the most difficult. Other software (word-processor, images, spreadsheets, whatever) let you throw something together to get started, and … Continue reading

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