lynda and the ITLP by the numbers

It’s now two weeks since we introduced to the University. As of today, we have 1301 signed up users, who have collectively watched 378 hours of video spread over 6158 individual videos. is a vast and expanding on-line … Continue reading

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Version Conversion

Over this summer, we have brought Office 2013 into our teaching rooms. This involves all sorts of fun for the team who painstakingly test and manage the software “image” for us, and of course the teachers who revise all course … Continue reading

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Teacher – Author, Curator, Guide?

When I first started teaching for ITLP the landscape for resources was quite different for students. Yes, most things could be found on the web and how-to sites existed but a lot more research – and luck – was involved … Continue reading

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Homer? Who they?

I encourage all the ITLP teachers, full-time and sessional, to make their learning resources available under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike flavour of Creative Commons licensing. Sessional teachers, being mostly post-graduates, tend to move on after a couple of years, and so their … Continue reading

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Being between full term-times (“vacation” doesn’t seem to be the right word for it), I was becoming concerned about the amount of time I spend staring at computer screens, large and small. It’s more of a worry during these non-teaching … Continue reading

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Slideshare and Pinterest in academia

Slideshare and Pinterest are gaining interest in academia in the way they allow us to present ideas visually – sometimes in ways that allow us to breathe new air into a subject. Doing subject specific searches in these online tools … Continue reading

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Welcome to the teachers blog. This a place where teachers in the IT Learning Programme can record thoughts and ideas centered around our practice as University-based advocates of technology and computing skills. I would like to start by quickly surveying … Continue reading

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